Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Notes from yesterday...

Another Tuesday at the dentist's. The adrenaline in the Novocaine... or the epinephrine in the lidocaine... anyway, the stimulant in the local anaesthetic combined with the two cups of coffee and two cans of Mello Yello Zero I'd had earlier in the morning to leave me feeling like I could hop out of the chair and jog around the block with the building on my back. And then, when the rush wore off, I crashed.

Jesus wept, the dreams you have when you're laying there with a mouth full of dental dam and people all up in your grill with Dremels would make Clive Barker run from the room screaming.

A side note to the faculty dentist: I have here the textbook for Bedside Manner 101, and right there on page one it says "It is important to greet the patient, or at least acknowledge her presence, before getting all into her business." I'm guessing you skipped that day.

It was still gray and drizzly when I left.

On the way home, I stopped at the SoBro Cafe, located in the same space as the Indonesian restaurant Bobbi and I visited last summer. I had a couple of Dutch pancakes, one stuffed with bacon and Swiss and the other with bacon, eggs, and cheddar. They were delicious. When I got there, there was only one other table occupied, but by the time I left it was starting to fill up with a respectable lunch crowd. This makes me happy.


Larry said...

You stopped for pancakes after leaving the dentist's office?

I can barely feel my mouth after a session under the drill, I'd be afraid of chewing my tongue off.

Anonymous said...

a cheaper alternative


Anonymous said...

You should have had a sample of the bedside manner of the US Navy Dental staff circa 1988 in Norfolk, VA. They were making casual small talk about the possible diseases I could have had while I lay there with my mouth chocked open.

Able said...

"the epinephrine in the lidocaine."

Oooh, I love it when you talk technical! ;-p

Hey, I'm a nurse (and we're all a bit weird anyway) but I got all 'pyrexial and labile' at the image of you 'talking medical'.

Please put a warning flag on posts containing such suggestive material in the future. I deeply dislike being required to apply a topical solution of cryogenic material to my inguinal area followed by an assumption of the Trendelenburg position for a few minutes until my Mean Arterial Pressure returns to normal parameters (especially as I'm reading this in a coffee shop, those Barristas are so judgemental!).


J.R.Shirley said...

Yeah I was also surprised you could eat *and enjoy it* after the dentist!