Monday, April 16, 2012

Lost me.

Indiana RINO Senator-for-Life Dick Lugar is going all out with the attack ads against Richard Mourdock in the primary. This guy's got an ad budget the size of the Big Three automakers', Budweiser's, and PepsiCo's combined, and so my ears are full of the steady drone of all the muck getting raked.

It's not working.

The attacks are weaksauce: His attendance was spotty! (Good! This country could use more gone-fishin' and less governin'!) He claimed too many deductions on his taxes a couple times! (Sounds like a patriotic American to me.) His investments as state treasurer lost the state pension fund $7 million! (I don't know if you've been keeping up with current events, pal, but everybody's 401k took it in the shorts a couple years ago. It's part of the reason you're about to be out of a job, sport.)

Look, you can run ads claiming he was spotted buggering dead boys at high noon down on Monument Circle, and I wouldn't care. You don't seem to grasp that Richard Mourdock possesses what is, in my opinion, the single most important qualification for Senator from Indiana: Not Being Richard Green Lugar. You're fired, Dick; hit the showers.

At this point I would vote for the mouldering corpse of Saddam Hussein over Lugar; heaven knows that he comes about as close to meeting the residency requirements.


Frank W. James said...

Key Point; in the last month Mourdock has raised more money than Lugar. That is usually translated to mean the people with the checkbooks are 'voting' for the 'winner'.

As for $7 million that Mourdock supposedly lost that wouldn't even pay the interest on the over Half Billion dollars Ditch Manuels and his crew have misplaced in our state budget. In fact by comparison it makes Mourdock look like a shrewd accountant...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Tam said...

I was gonna say that only losing $7 mil in the current financial environment makes the guy sound like an investing whiz who gets calls for stock tips from Warren Buffet.

Jeffrey Quick said...

I've said that I'd vote Hitler over Obama, on the grounds that Hitler would have absolutely no moral credibility with anyone, and nobody would obey his orders (which wouldn't be given anyway because he's conveniently dead.)

NotClauswitz said...

Lugar and his classmates in Senatorial cronyism and pork all seem reminiscent of Murtha - OUT with them all.

Bubblehead Les. said...

There seems to be a whole pack of them "Good Ol Boys" Republican Senators that need to be Voted Out beside Lugar. Guys like Hatch, Alexander, McConnell, Lott, you know, that FogHorn Leghorn Clan that never met a Lobbyist that they didn't like.

It's bad enough we have the Old Hippie Senators on the Left, but do we have to keep putting up with the Rights Back Room Deal Boys also?

At least there's one Honest Senator: Bernie Sanders of Vermont. You KNOW where he stands. SOCIALIST, and Proud of it! And I'm Glad Vermont has him!

Ted N said...

Zombie Saddam or Bust!

The Jack said...

If you're willing to vote for a syphilitic camel over the other guy than that's what you'll get. ;p

That being said, such a camel as per your dead-dictator example would at least have better residency requirements.

Me? I'm not really arguing. I'm gonna vote against Lugar, twice if necessary.

Either way it'd be someone both better on gun rights and who actually has lived in this state in the last quarter century.

Fiftycal said...

And I'll bet all the flags in his office have FRINGES on them.

Tam said...


You some kinda RINO?

If you're gonna vote for the Democrat, at least vote for the honest one.

mariner said...
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mariner said...


If you're gonna vote for the Democrat, at least vote for the honest one.

Where do you find one?