Sunday, April 29, 2012

You want the cute? You can't handle the cute!

Puppies generally tend towards cuteness, but Marko wasn't kidding when he said that Henry was pretty cute even for a puppy.

There's a step up to the hallway at the back of the house that is dachsie territory, and said step has about a ten-inch riser, which is to say 'over a dachshund's head.' Guinevere, Henry's grandmother, is slowing down a bit and tends to take it with a hop and a bit of scrabble, while her three children clear it on the run like cruise missiles in terrain-following mode.

Henry, on the other hand, will try to emulate his mother and uncles by charging headlong at it, only to wind up chinning himself on the step two or three times as though he were trying to catch Bob Saget's attention. I will try to capture this on video. If I do, you will say "Awwwww," because you won't be able to help it.


Anonymous said...

We WANT the cute, and are willing to risk handling it.

Anonymous said...

I had a Great Dane who did terrain following of that nature when young.

Think: soaring over small cars, hedges, other dogs, children and up entire flights of stairs.

It was...alarming. We were glad when she settled into a more sedate middle and old age.

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