Monday, April 30, 2012

Oceania still at war with Eastasia.

Despite the end of the "War on Terror", I still have friends in Afghanistan, I still got Porn-O-Scanned at the airport, and little kids still get scared by the monsters in Scooby Doo reruns.

Leon Panetta (who, in some kind of bizarre game of political checkers, inexplicably wound up as my Secretary of Defense,) came out the other day and admitted that there was "no kind of silver bullet" available to expunge a noun from the language, but if we just kept giving them billions of dollars and a few more of our civil liberties, they'd try real hard to eradicate it, at least by right after the next elections.

Just wait! Vote for us! We'll fix it!


Noah D said...

Why do I keep hearing Bruce Willis' voice, reminding me that "The Army is a broad sword, not a scalpel" ?

Ancient Woodsman said...

"The War on Terror" in another time would be called a Crusade or perhaps Odyssey; "Terrorism" is merely a new name for "Holy Grail" or maybe "Twelve Labors" or some such. Even at the local level, we have a Zoning Board, Historicdf District Commission, or HOA, and their quest is for the perfect
Town Ordinance or private Covenant on Property. All are lofty but never truly acheived, and all get the folks riled up & taking sides.

It'll have a different name next time - for there will be many a 'next time' as long as the species continues - but it will be of course the same old story.

Politicians at every & any level love this stuff.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Hey, this Admin is SOOO good at Warfare, they plan on shutting down the Series in the Middle East and going for a Land War in Asia, all while gutting the U.S. Military to a per capita equivalent of the 1890's!

And they can pull it off, just ask them!