Sunday, April 22, 2012

The standard response on the internet...

...when faced with a total case of writer's block is to say "Look! A cute cat video!"

The thing with Huck is that, being a cat, he doesn't associate being asked to do something with getting a reward for obedience; he just realizes that when he flips on his back, a snack is produced, so any time you're in the kitchen and he's feeling peckish, you'll hear the basement door start thumping against its jamb as Huck is intently somersaulting away, looking up at you expectantly between reps, wondering why you aren't breaking out the treat bag.

Video courtesy of my roomie.


Brad K. said...

And thus is demonstrated the blurring of what faith, ritual, training, and superstition mean.

We confuse cause and effect.

ZOMG! A flashback to Tom Hanks and "Joe vs. The Volcano". *sigh*

Ian Argent said...

You have a time traveling version of our Puck, it seems.

Will from Bama said...

We had a gray tabby that did something like that when he just plain wanted attention. But we never dignified it as a "somersault". It was denoted as a "flop" in our household:

"Look, Ma, that fool cat is flopping again!"

Tam said...

Will from Bama,

That wasn't one of his better efforts. I'd give this one about a 6.7 on the Huck Sommysault scale. I'd be harsher, but he stuck the landing pretty good.

Anonymous said...

The dog was not amused. Anxiously awaiting Barkley's review.


Jerry said...

Huck hungry, DAMMIT!

Anonymous said...

Tam, I think you're wrong about Huck not understanding the obedience thing. he knows if he gives the command, in this case a "sommysault", his pet (you) will obediently give him a treat.


BTW I've got a new computer and haven't bookmarked your page yet. I googled "vftp" (without the quotes) and you came up at the very top of page 2 - most companies pr departments would kill for that result!