Monday, April 09, 2012

Overheard in the Office:

I'm reading a post at Popehat about a legal setback suffered by the food nazis of the CSPI via the dismissal of the anti-Happy Meal lawsuit of their willing cat's paw, Monet Parnham-Lee. Any time those Gladys Kravitzes take one in the "L" column, it's a win for freedom.

Out of curiosity, I went and looked up the Center for Science in the Public Interest at Wikipedia. The article contained a picture of a medium-sized office building rather grandiosely captioned as "CSPI Headquarters in Washington, D.C." By this, of course, they mean that the fourth window from the left on the third floor is CSPI headquarters.

Clicking on the picture takes you to the page containing the photo, where the caption is a little less disingenuous. I started reading off some of the tenants out loud...
Me: "Wow, look who all has offices in this building! CSPI, Environmental Defense Fund, National Bank of Pakistan, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Population Reference Bureau, the Rendon Group... Luddites, Malthusians, and provocateurs... it's like bipartisan supervillain headquarters!"

*I lean over until my mouth is right over my turned-off cell phone, laying there on the desk...*

Me: "That's where the truck bomb needs to go."

RX: "Great, now you can never buy diesel fuel again."


Bubblehead Les. said...

You REALLY are working hard to get on the "Do Not Fly" list!

Of course, being an "Enemy of the State" does have it's own rewards. You get to keep several, hard-working Security Apparatcheks busy, and since there's multiple Agencies keeping Surveillance on you, you help to jam up the State Security Bureaucracy.

Keep up the Good Work!

Tango said...

Holy crap... they do absolutely NOTHING but lawsuits. Not only that, but at first glance it doesn't look like a very good track record. I say let them waste their money! They're the next Brady Bunch.

Anonymous said...

Careful Tam, they'll sue you.

They'll lose, but the process is the punishment.

Anonymous said...

More like super idiots than super villains.

A flea bomb should clear the place of pests.


Sherm said...

For a long time CSPI was two people and a fax machine. I'm sure they have since added e-mail. I can't say if they have added people.

Drang said...

Why couldn't the Hornet crash there?

Firehand said...

They're not very big, but they're a very PC-Approved organization, so they get lots of publicity for anything they say. One of those "We can send a fax out and the journalists will read it off as if it's a confirmed study or something!" groups.

Alan J. said...

Wow, it's a miracle! An entire office building filled with the unwanted dependents booted out of hundreds of Moms' basements. I'm pretty sure they could apply for UN refugee status and be granted UNICEF funding as well.

Grayson said...

Anybody want to buy some diesel fuel?