Thursday, April 05, 2012

QotD: Probulation Edition

Because it's my blog and I can have as many Quotes of the Day as I want:
If they can’t keep a cell phone out of a septuagenarian’s high-security prison cell, they can’t keep anything out of anywhere.
Point this out to your seatmate on your next flight if they're one of those drooling nitwits constantly opening their piehole about being glad for all the security that's supposedly keeping them safe from the guys with the Semtex Underoos.

And as for Charlie's guards? They should just be glad he was more interested in dialing 1-900 numbers then he was in getting his hands on a Kel-Tec.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Funny thing about the Semtex Underroos. Just left the TSA website (because the Mrs. is heading down to Robb AllenLand for a week to visit her Siblings), and she was concerned about how many "Products" she could pack. But looking at the "3-1-1" Rule for Chemicals, well, anyone who played with stuff in High School Chem Lab could just take some...... ; )

Like I'm giving away Nuclear Launch Codes or Something! Sheesh! Really, the Tangos must be laughing every time they pass through a TSA Checkpoint. Just look at what constitutes I.D. to board a plane, for example. "Airline Security" has to be the Number 1 Oxymoron in the world nowadays.

NotClauswitz said...

I'm more concerned that no I.D. is required to vote, that's the edge of the rabbit-hole.

Buzz said...

There's your problem, DirtCrashr.

They KNOW who is voting, since they're the ones rounding 'em up at Home Depot, on college campuses, and making a living re-creation from the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.

They don't really care about danger to the peasants flying, because THEY get special airplanes.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah the whole 3-1-1 things is dumb.

Thought experiment, we buy plane ticks and get our ration of fluid, we get into the airport all on different flights, but meet in the bar, where quite casually we consolidate fluids.

Mo'? I had NO idea he was going to blow up that plane? He seemed like such a nice man.