Friday, August 17, 2012

Only one finger needed.

The CNN article claims that there are "fingers pointing" over the dude who tried to shoot up the lobbying organization offices in DC. I don't see why it takes multiple fingers to do the pointing, since there's only one guy, but maybe that's just me.
[Douchebag's name redacted], who was carrying 15 Chick fil-A sandwiches in his bag when he was taken into custody, "has strong opinions with respect to those he believes do not treat homosexuals in a fair manner," authorities said in the complaint filed against [Douchebag], citing the suspect's parents, with whom he lives in Herndon, Virginia, outside Washington.
Look, I have strong opinions about people who drive slowly in the left lane, the jerk with a full shopping cart at the "12 Items Or Less" register, and fans of American League so-called 'baseball', but you don't see me shooting them. And if my cheese did slide off my cracker and I wound up cutting loose one fine day, I wouldn't expect anybody to blame my behavior on the designated hitter rule, but rather on the fact that I had become a raving nutbar.

(And, seriously, 15 Chick fil-A sammiches? What was he going to do with those? Was the dude trying to set himself up for an insanity defense ahead of time?)


Woodman said...

Hey, I just figured out where I'm eating lunch today.

I never cease to be amazed at the different language used to describe people based on the media's acceptance of their views.

If a man walks into a LGBT (GLBT? BLT w/ M?) center and kills a couple people it's because he hates gay people and he's a tea partier. If a guy walks into a pro DOMA lobbyist's office and shoots it up then he has strong opinions.

The don't shoot me bro it's not about you quote is priceless. I'm sorry, you just shot me, it is now, by default about you and me.

wizardpc said...

I suspect he had 15 sammiches because he planned on killing at least 15 people and leaving a hate chicken on each one of them.

Stuart the Viking said...


Thank you for that. I was totally confused by the nutbar's bag of sandwiches. Usually I can grep at least a little of the idea behind the darkness, but on this one I just wasn't getting it.


Anonymous said...


greg said...

Whoa...I was totally behind you until you tried to drag The American League into this.

RJIII said...

He may have thought he could use them to sneak in, straight people camouflage.

Peter said...

I answered your final question here:


Son of Sam Adams said...

Has anyone thought to test these sandwiches for poison?

Bubblehead Les. said...

So "Strong Opinions" is the loophole that allows one to commit Hate Crimes w/o being charged with them.

Sounds like the same reasoning the Feds are using to NOT charge the Ft. Hood Massacre Shooter with Terrorism, but to treat it as a "Work Place Incident" instead.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, but has the MSM gone from mildly biased with pretensions of subtlety to outright blatancy in the last twenty years, or am I just noticing it more in the past few years.

Robert Fowler said...

He was possibly going to use the chicken sanniches as death cards. One in the mouth of each intended victim? Read that at SSI.

And just what the hell is wrong with the American League? The Tigers are it. well, sort of.

SpeakerTweaker said...

Pardon my rant, but strong opinions? That's what they're going with? Strong fucking opinions? Is this a joke?

Kinda like Sumdood in Aurora had strong opinions about Batman? WTF?

You know, the double-standards shouldn't set me off like this anymore. Guess you gotta catch me just right.

Panamared said...

Until the advent of the internet, and the easy access to information, it was normal to believe the news was unbiased in their reportage. After all, Walter Cronkite was truly beloved by the American people. It was only in hindsight that people began to realize just how far left he was bent.

Brad K. said...

Fifteen Chik-Fil-A sandwiches? That is easy. He was confused.

He already ate the pickles, and the de-pickled sandwiches represent his views that the Chik-Fil-A company lacks the spice of life. That or he got distracted by his other plans for the day, and forgot to drop the de-pickled sandwiches in a trash can once he ate the part he liked.

His unbalanced state of mind is indicated by failing to realize that buying sandwiches at Chik-Fil-A is what the company sorta hopes people will do. Most folk won't see buying chicken sandwiches at Chik-Fil-A as a protest, let alone a protest that motivates public sentiment. And that getting the Chik-Fil-A name in the news, again, helps them attract law abiding, socially responsible customers, and intrigues those that might not have known just *why* one would buy themselves a bag of 15 sandwiches. (Most, I suspect, would take them home and stick 14 in the freezer, to save for days when the urge is there but the store is closed. I rarely buy more than one, myself.)

Or! or, maybe, this was a ploy by the Brady Bunch, to foment an uproar to get a three day waiting period required to take a Chik-Fil-A sandwich home! . . Nah. that would be pretty obscure. And brand the Brady Bunch as Order of the Mother of Geese kind of knights in waxen armor. OMG!

Brad K. said...


I grew up collecting baseball cards, admiring players, following games.

But then there was the headlines about salaries (I thought baseball was a game, and everyone there was there because they wanted to be. . ) And the first strike.

Union slogans and board room powerplays that overcame any pretense of patriotism, of being an expression of the people of America? Ah, well.

Baseball became not just an expression of pride and sportsmanship for me. It became an entertainment business, and a union business at that. Color me disillusioned.

Kristophr said...


Woodman said...

Ban all high capacity bags now! What possible reason could someone have for 15 sandwiches in one bag?

No reasonable man needs 15 sandwiches in one bag.

OMG, think of the MSG!

NotClauswitz said...

RACE-chicken or SEX-chicken? What's the matter with Twinkies after all these years - or was he thinking Sex-twinkies?

Anonymous said...

A set up for an insanity plea? Unlikely. A single Arby's sandwich would be much more convincing.

Anonymous said...

The guy is/was crazy, loopy, nuts, possibly even legally insane. But someone pointed him at that organization.

But why did he attack the FRC? There are a lot of nut job organizations that really hate and depsise gays and lesbians (e.g. Westboro Baptists).

Thankfully, the security guard survived and did his job.

the real Mr. O said...

Hmmm...let's see; what do we know as fact?

Floyd Lee Corkins,II...a whiny, cowardly bitch who begged not to be shot after shooting an FRC security guard and having his pistol wrested from his grasp, had:

Recently [legally] purchased a pistol in Virginia, and;

Had a recent stint as a volunteer at a local 'expand-the-definition of "gender" organization'.

Has Floyd-the-Coward been influenced by the:

Recent spew from the Southern Poverty Millionaires Law Center describing the Family Research Council as a "hate group";

Recent spew by the Human Resources Campaign describing the FRC as a "hate group";

Recent attacks ad nauseum by the [failing] MSM against the "intolerance" of dissenting opinions;

Perpetual condemnation of 'the bitter clingers' who hold to moral principles based on their faith, their propensity for self-defense and their insistence on expressing opinions based on First Amendment guarantees?

Or, is his murderous intent to be ascribed to some psychopathy because his mommy didn't breast-feed him for a full five years after his birth?

Floyd, the terrorist, should start contemplating what sort of "relationship" he desires when he arrives at his designated Fed-Med.

I'm guessing he won't be capable of thinking what he'll have for lunch each day. Unless, of course, he'll get a pardon from the miserable, held-in-contempt, racist, blind-to-theft of billions, conspirator-to-murder of US citizen/agents, joke of an AG who's waiting on a pardon himself.

Anonymous said...

My sibling unfriended me on Facebook a few days ago. The associated private message accused me of supporting/committing “genocide”, because:

* I had expressed support for Chik-Fil-A;
* Chik-Fil-A’s President affirms traditional marriage;
* Although not suicidal now, my sibling had seriously considered suicide to resolve a painful conflict between our shared Christian upbringing and “born with” homosexual urges; and
* Other young people are driven to attempt or succeed at suicide while struggling with the same conflicts.

Therefore, anyone (like me) who publicly affirms traditional heterosexual marriage is “genocidal,” as implemented by the suicides of young homosexuals. Q.E.D.

Until now I really didn’t understand how brothers could fight against each other in the US Civil War, or what Christ meant when He said “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. [...] [A] man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.” (Matthew 10:34, 36 NIV).

And now I wonder whether the guy who shot up the Family Research Council believed he was fighting to save lives; that it was better to permanently silence (or deter) a few “genocidal” supporters of traditional marriage than to permit speech that could pressure young, confused and suffering homosexuals into suicide.

Justthisguy said...

There are people who lament the passing of the Old Weird America. That may be gone, but there are still plenty of weird Americans.

Now just put that saxophone down and nobody gets hurt.

RL said...

Gayest failed martyr ever?

Robert said...

Stuart@ 8:24 17AUG:

grep= unix grok?