Thursday, August 09, 2012

Words I never thought I'd be saying:

"Can it please stop raining?"

Just for about twenty minutes or so, please. Just long enough for me to go ride my bike, and then it can go back to raining all day for all I care.

Incidentally, I am glad to see I'm not the only novice cyclist out there deciding to get more serious.


John said...

Tam, if you have fenders and slicker, experiment with the rain and is a great sorta Zen exercise for concentrating the mind -- "pavement hard...curb this puddle a pothole...brakes still work...squirrel!*..." and etc.

Helps get you ready for snow trips to the bagel shoppe.

No hot-rodding, either, with those chewed up legs of yours, tho' gourmet hot dogs as a destination are just fine.

*Humour attribution to one Tamara that writes stuff.

Fred said...

Raining at beautiful (cough) Ft. McCoy too... so of course we're in the field all day.

Drang said...

@Fred, fill in the blanks: "If it ain't xxxxin', it ain't xxxxxin'."

Brad K. said...

Fenders and slicker, or just duds that will survive a wetting, and might not suffer if stains don't come clean. Let it fly!.

Um, dry and grease/oil the chain, after a wetting.

Anonymous said...

Depending on how much rain you're getting, you might consider taking up kayaking.

Once Free Man said...

Rain isn't a problem, but lightning or hail can certainly end a ride quickly.
(as was the case with tonight's shortened pedal action)

Critter said...

stop raining yet?