Monday, August 13, 2012

QotD: I Love To Ride My Bicycle Edition

I'm off to ride my bike. AFK, BRB. In the meantime, check out Brian J. Noggle's prediction for upcoming movie Premium Rush:
It’s like The Transporter, but it’s about awesome bicycle riding. And you know who likes awesome bike riding? Hipsters. And do you know what kind of movies hipsters like? Foreign language films screened in shabby little single screen cinemas.
tl;dr: It'll flop.


leBolide said...

Perhaps the MPAA's legions of customer-watching data miners noticed Netflix requests for Quicksilver spiking and decided it's time to service the underrepresented fixie bicycle segment.

HA ha, just kidding, like they care what people actually want to watch. Those bicyclists weren't even wearing tight pants or tiny hats.

Mikael said...

The japanese did it first.

Initial D (cars)
Over Drive (bicycles)

Firehand said...

Question, Tam: what kind of seat did you wind up with?

On the bike, I mean

Matt G said...

I already saw that movie in 1986, and observed a first-degree connection with Laurence Fishburne.

Justthisguy said...

I have a bicycle. It has fenders, and a chain guard, so that I can wear good clothes when riding it. My bicycle is for transportation. I ride it to go get groceries, and alcohol, and tobacco. Sorry, don't have enough money to ride it to go get firearms and explosives.

jefferson101 said...

Please don't do that.

My brain went from one thing to another too quickly. I flashed from "woman on bicycle" to "Melanie on bicycle', to "Melanie on bicycle waiving an AR over her head" in about .5 second.

Not only did it give me mental whiplash, but I strangled on my coffee avoiding soaking the keyboard!

Yeah. I saw what you did there.

Tam said...


"Question, Tam: what kind of seat did you wind up with?"

My Trek 7100 came stock with a pretty comfy Bontrager Boulevard saddle. Haven't really felt the need to upgrade.

Firehand said...

Thanks. I'm going to need a replacement soon, so looking around.