Thursday, November 13, 2014

QotD: The Whole Freaking System's Out Of Order Edition

Tim over at Gun Nuts, in a post that notes how infrequently tough state gun laws are actually applied against violent felons, wrote:
Am I attacking our criminal justice system? You better believe it. We live in an absurd tangle of indefensible nonsense where government entities will move mountains to stop somebody from being able to travel with antique bagpipes his grandfather played for the queen or perform raids to protect society from the dangers posed by insufficiently documented Land Rovers, and yet some of the very same government entities won’t bother to prosecute violent felons who are committing all manner of violent acts with stolen or otherwise illegally obtained weapons.
It breeds cynicism when gun owners hear tale after tale of some otherwise good guy or gal getting jammed up on various arcane provisions of firearms law when gangsters don't. To have to fill out forms and wait for federal approval to buy a gun when a known violent felon could get denied on a background check and never even get so much as a visit from the po-po, let alone a prosecution for violating the law? It's just more security theater.