Friday, November 28, 2014

What you mean "we", Leftie?

This article, which you'll notice was typed several days before the festivities kicked off in Ferguson and its environs, is just a gold mine of projection, self-loathing, and false equivalence.

No, honey, I don't think that property destruction is cool, even when it's those hideous redneck crackers in flyover country who are doing it because their sportsball team won the Kentucky Derby. I also am able to draw a chain of seriousness that starts with drunken frat kids burning their own sofa at one end, moves through some minor property damage in the middle, and winds up with South Central in flames at the other.

There are varying grades of wrong: Some wrong things result in somebody getting sent to their room without supper and some result in somebody getting sat in an electric chair and having the dial turned to Extra Crispy, and it's not because we're "ageist" and there are a whole raft of degrees of wrongness in between. I thought Progressives prided themselves on their grasp of nuance, ferchrissake.

Lastly, I'm sorry you hate yourself so much for being white or upper middle class or whatever reason, but don't assume I share your self loathing. I'm not interested in crawling into your hair shirt with you; work out your angst on your own and don't try and smear it all over me.