Monday, November 03, 2014

We're punchy...

...because they've had Bobbi working that weird super-early shift these last couple days, so everybody's all sleep dep'ed, our schedules are out of synch, and everything's a lot funnier than it should be.

Today we drove up to the Mountain of Geese when she got home from work because I needed some plastic-friendly Gun Scrubber to give one last try at blasting the PPX's firing pin channel and drop safety plunger free of cack before throwing my hands up and giving Walther a call.

I'd gone to the local Wally World looking for some the other day, but despite carrying ammo, the Walmart up around the 7300 block of Keystone Ave doesn't carry any gun cleaning supplies of any sort. They'll sell you the stuff to dirty your gun up, but you're on your own for cleaning. (They've got live bait, though.)

Anyhow, errands complete, we stopped at the new Chipotle in Broad Ripple, since neither of us had ever eaten at that particular chain before, and then dashed into the grocery store before meandering home on the side streets of SoBro.

Whereupon we saw a woman walking a large, white...
RX: "Look! A... regular poodle? Large poodle?"

Me: "Standard poodle."

RX: "Is there a Non-standard poodle? A Sub-standard poodle? The Sub-standard poodle is made by children in Third World sweatshops and it has those puffs of fur in the wrong places, like on its neck or at odd intervals on its legs..."

Me: "...and it goes 'fooW!'"
This was, for some reason, absolutely pants-wettingly hilarious.