Monday, November 10, 2014


So, I had planned on a range visit today, because I've got deadlines fast approaching on a couple reviews and I wanted to get one of them as cleared up as possible before the weather turned. I needed to chrono two more loadings and, if I hopped to it and got out the door early enough, maybe I could shoot it for groups today, too.

I woke up with my head pounding like the soundtrack to Zulu Dawn and every time I'd roll from one side to the other, the bones of my skull would creak and groan like a submarine changing depth. Oh, I didn't want to get out of bed at all...

I finally dragged my carcass upright at 1000 and threw clothes on. If I had to postpone shooting for groups 'til Wednesday morning, I could at least knock out the remaining chrono testing. The range bag, 9mm ammo can, chrono, and target stand were all already secured in the trunk. I was so prepped to roll that my gate card was already in the door pocket of the car and ear pro was in the passenger seat so I could hit the ground running when I got there.

I drove across town, dodging inattentive cell-phone users and suicidal pedestrians down High School Road like some kind of bass-ackwards game of Frogger, and got to the range, signed in at the club house, pulled up to the bay, and...

Anybody notice the item that wasn't on that list?

Yeah, the actual, you know, gun.


Well, I'd left the Glock 19 and the PPX in the range bag, so the trip wasn't a complete wash.

Walther PPX in a "Shaggy" AIWB holster from Custom Carry Concepts.
It looks like I'll be out in the cold come Wednesday AM, unless they're wrong about the rain tomorrow.