Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Snout counting...

I don't know about all that, but I heard some people were voting at me, so I figured I'd vote back at them.
 So, the Marion County races left us with some dismal choices. Terry Curry, incumbent prosecutor, rammed the case of drunken (ex)IMPD Officer Bisard through like he said he would and, despite making all the typical big city Democrat anti-gun mouth noises, followed the law in declaring there was no basis for any charges in a high-profile self-defense shooting.

The Republican challenger is also on record as lamenting the lack of tougher gun laws, and so I voted for the Democrat incumbent, since he at least has a track record of doing the right thing. As an armed citizen, should you be forced to exercise your right to self-defense, your local prosecutor is going to have an enormous influence on your future; it's not an election to take lightly.

As for sheriff, I don't know many who've had much bad to say about the Democrat incumbent, even when his name's brought up in gun stores, while his GOP challenger is a 25-year veteran of the BATFE. If the wookie party had stood somebody up for sheriff, I'd have voted for them, but as it was I ticked the box for Layton.

I pretty much voted a straight Libertarian ticket otherwise, made easier now that our Congressional district has been jiggered around so that I can no longer vote for whoever the GOP was throwing at hereditary Congressman Andre Carson. Now that we're part of the 5th District, which comprises the northern Indianapolis 'burbs and is redder than the Alabama football team all suited up for a home game and driving a pack of Ferraris through a Brezhnev-era May Day parade, I can vote for whoever the Tax-Free Guns'n'Dope party is running without having to worry that I'm not Machiavelling right.

This may sound funny having just voted for a couple tepid incumbents over their likely worse challengers, but I voted "no" on all judicial retention questions. Because any time a ballot straight up asks you "Should we fire this incumbent?" without tacking on the qualifier "...and give his job to this other wrong lizard right here," it should be a no-brainer. I don't care how good a job he's doing; I'm all for dragging Cincinattus back to his plow kicking and screaming if he doesn't have the grace to do it himself.

Note all the signs and glad-handers right outside the doors. If you haven't figured out who you're voting for by the time you're out front of the building, then you're one of those "low-information voters" everyone keeps going on about.
Once again had to unstrap in the car. Were comments turned on, this is where I'd get a half dozen people saying "Well in the state of East Dakota, WE can carry in a polling place!" It's not against the law to carry in polling places in Indiana, either, but it is illegal for me to carry into my polling place in Indiana. Smart people can look at the picture and probably puzzle that out for themselves.