Thursday, January 01, 2015


It's 2015, well into the flying car era. My Spacely Sprockets stock is soaring, even though their price war with Cogswell Cogs saw them relocate production to Mars; those four-armed green-skinned wogs work for nothing. Buying that Venusian parts supplier and moving the corporate HQ to Ishtar Terra was a stroke of fiscal genius.

Here in the future, it is still customary to make lists of resolutions for the New Year. In 2015 I resolve to:
  1. Ride the bicycle more. If it's over 50°F and not raining, there's no reason to crank up a car for any errand between Illinois Street and the Monon, or 52nd to the White River, that doesn't involve twenty-pound sacks or gallon jugs.

  2. Take the timer (with a full charge, please) to the range on every visit. I'm doing good with keeping a log, but too much of the time it just records simple round counts and fairly abstract notes. Every range trip should include at least a little structured, measured practice if I want to continue improving.

  3. Get out and shoot pictures more, and take the training wheels off some: Program mode is for snapshots. And use film more.