Tuesday, January 06, 2015


That first roll of Ilford through the Leica included a lot of pictures of random crap as I'm having to get the hang of working the clutch pedal and shift lever all over again. The roll is mostly full of stuff like several exposures of the various illuminated beer signs on the walls at Twenty Tap and assorted Christmas decorations in the neighborhood.

I did, however, enjoy taking the above 4x6 print and affixing it in an old photo album next to a picture of the '75 Ford Granada I was driving back in 1991. I'd taken that photo, also using Ilford XP2, with my Canon AE-1 Program almost a decade before the Subaru in these pictures was made. I should get those old negatives scanned...

Another similarity between the Forester and the Granada for me is that both were "emergency cars".

RX: "What's an 'emergency car'?"

Me: "Well, that's when you weren't really planning on buying a car, but you need wheels right now because your current ride went tango uniform for whatever reason, so you run out and buy a car you may not really want, but it's the car you can afford right then because it's an emergency."

RX: "I think all my cars have been emergency cars by that definition."
Out of the fifteen cars I've owned over the years, only three really count as Emergency Cars. In addition to the aforementioned Granada and Forester, my other emergency car was a truly awful Dodge Aries. While I've grown to like the Forester and grudgingly developed a love-to-hate-it relationship with the Granada, my K-Car experience was a nearly unmitigated disaster.