Friday, January 02, 2015


Most of the writers at Foreign Policy hold views on foreign policy that would be called "neoconservative" were those views held by Republicans, in that they're all about spreading democracy and the sort of quasi-mercantilist liberal corporatism that passes for capitalism in most of the developed world these days. These are apparently good ends as long as they're achieved by the United Nations and peacekeepers and not George Bush and the 82nd Airborne.

Anyhow, the relentless cheering that accompanied the Drang nach Osten of the Eurozone and associated NATO involvement makes for a grimly amusing contrast with the concerned hand-wringing regarding increasing friskiness on the part of Putin's Russia. While it can be debated which came first, the EU/NATO chicken or the Russian saber-rattling egg, one thing's for certain: If the wheels come off the European wagon for the third time in a century, America's going to find herself hip-deep in it yet again.