Friday, January 16, 2015


The calendar says this is the new year, but the dead of winter always feels more like the dog-end of the old one.

I haven't busted a single cap since before Christmas. Dry-fire is good, but it's no substitute. I need to get to the range, if only for therapeutic reasons. I've got enough .22LR on hand that I think it would absolutely be worth taking the M&P15-22.

The Zed Drei's sitting on a flat driver's side front tire in the garage, but that's okay because there's no way the summer sport tires would handle the skating rink of the alley right now anyway, not after Sunday's ice storm. The Subie's still toodling around okay, although I wouldn't trust it for a road trip.

Here's the dead camera:

Don't want the lens to go to waste, so there's an OM-4 on the way. Because reasons.

Fun Show coming up tomorrow, so that's usually a pick-me-up in the mood department.