Saturday, January 10, 2015

Out and About

Five degrees fondly Fahrenheit.
Sometime the other night, Indianapolis kicked off its blanket of clouds and let all the heat out. It's bleepin' cold out there now. Tourette's Syndrome cold. So cold that the first word you involuntarily blurt when you step outside into the twenty-five mph breeze would have to be bleeped out on network TV.

Still carrying the little Nikon Coolpix S6500 around with me. In summer I put it in the "document pocket" of my gun burkha, and in winter it goes in the left coat pocket with my phone and garage door opener. (Right pocket is for gloves and car keys.)

Yesterday at Fresh Market I took a misstep and hip-checked the corner of the checkout counter, driving the camera and phone into my hip hard enough to leave a bruise on me and a rather noticeable dent in the camera's case right over the "COOLPIX" label. It still works. I'm impressed with the thing even more now.