Wednesday, January 28, 2015

QotD: Return On Investment Edition

A person will go on the internet and get into knock-down, drag-out verbal brawls over the superiority of their choice of consumer goods, from phones to video game consoles to automobiles. Why? Because they have invested in that thing and nobody likes to be told they made a bad investment.

If someone will argue that passionately... and perhaps even irrationally ...over something in which they've invested only $163.98 (with free shipping for Amazon Prime members!),then how much more will they argue irrationally for something in which they've invested their very identity as an individual, their entire self-worth as a human being?
"It’s because when you are invested in an ideology, you have to make reality subordinate to that ideology. And when the physical evidence points to the possibility that your ideology doesn’t match reality, then you have to deny that reality, or face the possibility that you ideology is wrong. It’s much easier to dismiss historical records or claim that a video was doctored than to examine your beliefs and concede that everything you believe is wrong."
Nobody likes to think they made that dumb of an investment.