Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I have to say it was a good day...

So, on Monday we took advantage of Bobbi being off work to jaunt downtown. First stop was at the old Stutz factory, now the Stutz Business Center, for lunch at Bearcats. The fare is typical pub chow, tasty enough and reasonably priced. I had nachos and a bowl of chili while Bobbi had their pork tenderloin sammich. The wall art was all old auto advertisements, not all of them for Stutz...

That car looks like a doozy!
After that, down to the State Museum to take in the Prohibition exhibit. (Only up through February 15th, if you haven't yet seen it.)
"Ninety bottles of booze on the wall, ninety bottles of booze..." The annual consumption of the average American in 1830.
My ongoing quest for the perfect short-faced bear photo was stymied on this visit by the fact that the entire museum was festooned with knitted goods for reasons into which I did not enquire.

I do not think that actual short-faced bears wore knit scarves.
Bobbi browsed the gift shop while I sat down for a minute. The chairs were right under the staircase to the second floor...
Nikon Coolpix has a setting that will apply artificial vignetting to make the glass Nikkor act like a plastic Lomo, for some reason.
On the way home we stopped at Goose the Market...
Obligatory "DISOBEY" sticker on lamppost above dispenser for hippie paper. I guess dissent is patriotic again?
While a candy store holds no fascination for me, I could not work here.

The Meatening.

The photos on this page were taken with a Canon EOS 20D, a Nikon Coolpix S6500, and a Samsung Galaxy S II. The Ilford FP4 is still in the Canon A-1.