Sunday, January 25, 2015

Your... well, my moment of zen...

Busted caps for the first time this year on Wednesday. I didn't bring a timer or anything, just dragged the table back to somewhere between fifteen and twenty yards and started thumbing rounds into the Ruger's magazines.

Why are those tables all the way up at about seven yards when I get there? I like to think that whoever it was wasn't shooting steel, but that might be giving people too much credit.

I ran through two sets of mags for the 22/45; one hundred and twenty rounds of plated Federal. One failure to fire. Wasn't doing much except playing tunes on the steel... "Ting! Ting! Tang! Ting! Tang! TingTingTing! Tung! Tang!" ...just seeing if I remembered how to work a gun. Yeah, I've been pretty good about dry-firing, but I can lie to myself about my sight alignment when I'm dry-firing; the steel doesn't lie.

Used up the last box of Sumbro in the Glock 19. Fifty rounds with no malfunctions brings the total to 1800 rounds with no malfunctions or cleaning or lubrication since I installed that T&E part. The pistol has lived a life of benign neglect, but it's only 200 rounds from getting a bath now. Ejection has become more erratic in the last three hundred rounds or so.

Hopefully back to the range tomorrow.