Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Camera decisions...

A gracious reader sent a package containing a couple of 35mm Nikons: An F5 and an FM2n. Prior to this, my Nikon use had been limited to the little entry-level EM and some mid-Nineties consumer-grade autofocus bodies. Handy cameras, but nothing to wax rhapsodic over. The FM2n and the F5 were not like that; I was (am) smitten with those cameras. I'll pull them off the shelf just to handle them, and maybe do a little dry-fire practice, as it were.

Much as with guns, I'm not really a brand fangirl. If I had any sort of brand loyalty, I guess it would be to Canon, since an AF35ML was my first 35mm camera and an AE-1 Program was my first SLR. As a result, when I bought my first DSLR, it was a Canon as well.

I'm not a brand fangirl, but...

Film cameras are fun for me. A hobby. Digital cameras I use for work: Pictures for columns or articles, stuff for the blog, and so forth. If I can share lenses between hobby film cameras and digital work cameras, that's a big savings in money, space, and hassle.

I'm seriously thinking about trading in my three Canon DSLR bodies and my EF-S lenses on a Nikon D300 or even a D700 and just keeping the EF lenses for the EOS film bodies.