Friday, June 05, 2015

The Edmund Fitzskidoo...

"The White River, it's said, never gives up her dead, when the floods of the summer come early..."

Well, actually, it's not the White River proper, just the little overflow channel that cuts off the big oxbow of the main channel in Broad Ripple. The Monon Trail crosses it with a bridge and just upstream is the much larger bridge that carries Westfield Boulevard. Upstream from that is a weir dam.

The recent heavy rains had left a big logjam spanning two piers of the Monon Trail bridge, and something bright red and white was lodged in one end of it.

It looked like... a jet ski of some sort?

It sure enough was. There was a SeaDoo wedged up under the north end of the logjam. There was also a life vest in with the other detritus, but the two aren't necessarily related.

There are waterfront homes with backyard docks all along the White River between here and Keystone, and it's far more likely that a badly-moored SeaDoo got washed off somebody's dock in the recent flooding and swept down and over the weir than it is anybody got liquored up and rode it over the weir. Besides, if there had been something like that to happen, you'd think it'd make the news, right?