Friday, June 19, 2015


So the Drudge Report headlined a link yesterday from that notable clearinghouse of chemtrail data, reptiloid spotting guides, and black helicopter sightings, Infowars:

Naturally, the crankier corners of my internet, for whom the bleating of "False flag! False flag!" is nearly a spinal reflex, scooped this rather dubious ball up and ran with it...

For starters, I wouldn't believe Infowars if they told me the sun was coming up in the east without independent verification, let alone splash their uncorroborated tale across the top of my page as a credible source of info.

Even if he was on SSRIs, so what? As Andrew Rothman pointed out over on the Book of Face, everybody in a hospital who dies of a lethal infection was on antibiotics, but that doesn't mean antibiotics cause lethal infections. People's ability to discern cause from effect has gone out the window; we live in the era of Post Hockey, Ergo Propter Hockey.

Drugs didn't pull that trigger: An evil bastard with heart full of hate did.