Friday, June 26, 2015

The changing face of gun school...

So, for years, this was the image that sprang to my mind when I thought of a self-defense shooting class:
Nick Grossman of Bolt Defense does an exemplar drill with right-handed Jeff playing a left-handed student.
Some dude teaching another dude how to shoot guns. Frequently "classtumes" were involved, as cargo pants and gun company tee-shirts came out of the back of closets, along with multicam plate carriers and morale patches.

Rory Miller is practicing the exemplar drill with Glenda Edwards of Friday Harbor Gun Runners as the student.
Now, I've been in quite a few co-ed shooting classes that were only co-ed because I was there. However, as time goes by, more and more women are getting CCW permits and becoming more interested in self-defense and shooting in general.

Our teacher for the week, Kathy Jackson (aka The Cornered Cat) demonstrates the exemplar drill with Tammy Smith of GunStart.
Lately there has been an explosion in the number of women's firearm classes taught by women. Many of these new instructors were new shooters themselves not too long ago and there exists a need for passing on to them the institutional knowledge of how to safely teach firearms self-defense. Further, many experienced firearms instructors have little to no experience running classes with a majority of women, and how this will affect group social dynamics and learning styles.

Melody "Limatunes" Lauer offers instruction as J.B. Herren of Friday Harbor Gun Runners serves as the student.
In the future, the above photo might not be as uncommon a sight as it is now or was in the past. And that's a good thing.