Saturday, June 13, 2015

"Ralphie boy!" redux...

Nikon FM2n, Fujicolor 200
The test roll is back from The Darkroom, and it looks like the Nikon FM2n is cleared for takeoff.

True Confession Time: While I've been on a film jag of late, the cameras I've been using have pretty much all had some form of training wheels. I mean, the Canon EOS-1N and Nikon F5 are auto-everything beasts hardly different from a DSLR in the handling department, and even the Canon A-1, Leica R4, or Olympus OM-4 have various automated modes, be it a full-on program setting or just aperture priority.

But this Nikon FM2n and the Olympus OM-1? They're manual everything. The only reason these cameras have batteries at all is to run their on-board light meters, but if the battery dies or falls out, the camera will still run fine, you'll just have to use an external meter. Or shoot from the hip.

I'm looking forward to working with them.