Monday, June 01, 2015

Crossing the 1st and 2nd Amendment streams...

We've got a new Nazi at the local fun shows. And I don't mean one of those slightly overenthusiastic "I'm not saying they were right, or anything, but their tanks sure were cool!" militaria collectors, but an honest-to-Turner-Diaries frickin' Nazi.

Oy, vey, please let him move on to other pastures before a local reporter can stick a camera in his face at the fall show.

We used to be graced with the presence of Hitler Mouse Pad Guy, but he eventually stopped setting up his booth, perhaps because I don't think I ever saw someone actually purchasing his wares or even loitering in front of his stall, save perhaps to point and laugh.

This dude is ostensibly selling fireworks and flares and smoke "grenades" and suchlike. The smoke grenades come in such festive colors as "Mustard Gas Green", "Volkssturm Purple"(?) and "Zyclon[sic] Blue". Hand to God. There was also a 55-lb bag of ammonium nitrate surrounded with so much "LOOK! HERE!" signage that one wondered how many federal agencies the dude was stooling for.

He additionally had milk crates out with the full troika of red-covered Illinois Nazi wank-fic: The Turner Diaries and that other one by Pierce, plus the one with the gay SS bondage astronauts on the cover, Serpent's Walk, that (if one is to judge books by covers) is about S&M parties on the moon.

This dude has a lot more tables than Hitler Mouse Pad Guy did, so one can hope he gets pimp-slapped by the Invisible Hand that much sooner. Evil alone is bad enough; evil and tacky puts me right off my feed.