Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Almost home...

By the time this posts, I should be almost home. Ready to get there, too, after a weekend of sleeping in motels and twelve-hour days of drinking from the fire hose 'til midnight.

Pat Rogers briefing the next run using the model. Muffy has probably gone missing again. Some of the hallways in the shoot house could provide eye-opening reminders of just how long an "indoors" shot can be.

I've got a head full of stuff to unpack over the next few days, so I'll probably be bouncing it off you guys to help me process and remember it.

Check out the class schedule for Alliance Police Training* here; they've got every kind of class you could think of, from beginner handgun classes to pretty cool force-on-force carbine stuff, and it's within an honest day's drive of most places east of the Mississippi.

*Dig this: "Open Enrollment - citizens that are not law enforcement or military can participate in training. We believe that the good citizens that support us should have a training outlet and we are one of only a few agencies in the country where that is possible."