Monday, July 06, 2015

...and 1400.

Another one hundred rounds through the Sig P320 today. Fifty rounds of 115gr FMJ from WPA Polyformance and fifty of Federal's 115gr "Range, Target, Practice" RTP9115 FMJ.

The 23rd round of the day (#1323 through the gun) produced a click rather than a bang. At first I thought I'd not been keeping track of the rounds and had prevented the slide from locking back with my thumb, but yanking the slide to the rear resulted in an unfired round popping out of the ejection port.

The primer was pretty well dimpled; that primer should have popped, and did in fact pop when I dropped it in the spare M&P 9 FS I had along. Below is the box flap showing what I believe to be the lot number in question. Remember that a previous round from this lot (round #903 of the test) also had a dud primer. You may want to check your ammo to see if you have this lot number, because two defective primers in 250 rounds fired is pretty suspect.

There were no other malfunctions of any type to report, not even any of the kind where I put my thumb in the wrong place and keep the slide from locking back. This is now fourteen hundred rounds through the gun; six hundred rounds to go before dirty gun pics are taken and cleaning and lubrication occurs.