Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Round Two

The line of storms that rolled through at lunch yesterday was just the warmup act, as it turned out. The main attraction didn't roll through until late last night. I was playing World of Warcrack when the phone rang.
Shootin' Buddy: "I'm okay. I didn't get hit by the tornado."

Me: "By the what, now?"
Lafayette being about an hour as the derecho blows from Indy, that was the cue for the sound effects to start up outside Roseholme Cottage. Not five minutes after I was off the phone with Shootin' Buddy, it sounded like we were taking shellfire outside, complete with flickering lights.

Local TeeWee news reports:
Power Outages: IPL 35,871; Duke: 19,953; South Central REMC: 5,567
TOTAL: 61,391
So that was a pretty good wallop we took. Indy is quite well tree-covered for a major city, which means there's a lot of stuff to fall on power lines.