Monday, July 06, 2015

Uh-huh. Sure it did.

Francisco Sanchez, 45, told KGO-TV Sunday in a mix of Spanish and English that he found a gun wrapped inside a shirt while he was sitting on a bench at the pier and smoking a cigarette.

"So I picked it up and ... it started to fire on its own," Sanchez said, adding that he heard three shots go off.
Guns don't work that way, dude. Lemme guess: It aimed itself at your victim, too?

I'd even buy the whole "I didn't know what I was doing or how light the trigger was and fired accidentally!" if you'd shot her once and dropped the gun in horror. That'd be what those dudes on Law & Order call "depraved indifference", sure, because normal people don't point guns at other people and mess with the trigger, but it wouldn't be like you'd set out maliciously to kill somebody.

It was shots number two and three that tell me it wasn't an accident, sport.