Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Seeing red.

Still no intertubes. Fantastic stream of excuses from AT&T.

Further, POTS has been down since this time last month. The problem is the line from the pole to the house. AT&T has known this since the guy who set us up with the faster intertubes last year slapped some bubble gum on the line and promised to send a fixit notice upstream.

Obviously he never did, and so the line tech who was out on Saturday said he'd send a lineman to fix things. The lineman claims he was here on Sunday, but he must have been wearing his cloak of invisibility. So then they send out a data guy today who can't fix anything. He says he's put in for a lineman who'll be here tomorrow. I hope it's not the invisible guy from Sunday.

EDIT: Oh, bonus! Mister Super Second Level Tech, the one who was invisible on Sunday, apparently came back today invisibly again, and marked our problem as resolved. We found this out when AT&T called Bobbi on her cell phone and asked her to rate her service. I guess they had to reach her on the cellie because the land line kept ringing busy... since, you know, it was never actually #$&@ing FIXED.

This is insane. You call some script drone in a cubicle who knows nothing. They dispatch some guy who is capable of doing diddly little fixes around the house. He can't fix it so he calls the bigger guy. The bigger guy just %^&#ing blows you off and marks the problem solved and when you call to complain, who do you call? The same script drone in a cubicle who knows nothing who was in on step one of the whole mess which just starts the vicious circle again.

I need to rattle the biggest cage I can find there. When AT&T can't successfully get an analog signal from a pole across some twisted pair to a telephone handset a hundred feet away, they have completely failed at their core competency. They knew how to do this stuff in Eighteen hundred and blankety-bleeping eighty-five, for bleedin' Alexander Graham Bell's sake!