Thursday, July 02, 2015

Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #126...

M&P 22 with 10-8 rear sight.
While at the range yesterday I also fired off the last forty-eight rounds of a batch of Aguila subsonics (not the 62gr SSS, just regular ones) that made excellent grip trainers in the M&P22.

See, they had barely enough energy to run the slide, so that if you allowed the gun to move at all under recoil, it sapped enough energy that a variety of interesting malfunctions would occur. The slide wouldn't go back far enough to eject the empty, but it would go back far enough to pick up a fresh cartridge from the mag, while the spent case was still under the extractor claw.

Welp, those are gone, and I can dump some high-velocity .22 into the deuce-deuce ammo can now without fear of getting them mixed up.