Monday, November 23, 2015

Sweet Release

The factory Glock magazine catch can be a pain. It takes a determined press to release cleanly, and this isn't made any easier by the fact that the rear edge of the catch is nearly flush with the grip. Get into a mag change in a hurry and have your thumb just a bit too far back, and your thumb can bottom out against the frame before the catch is depressed far enough to release the magazine.

Factory competition-oriented Glocks come with a much more positive mag catch that sticks further out and is easier to release cleanly, but the competition unit comes with its own problems in that it sticks far enough out that it is easier to jostle by accident, plus it has sharp corners at the rear, and sharp corners are generally uncool on carry guns.

For years, the hot ticket was to buy or somehow source a Glock factory extended mag catch, grind it down just a little, re-serrate it, and round off the rear corners, and thus have yourself a groovy mag release on your carry gun that had all the upsides of the competition part with none of the downsides.

But what about lazy people and those of us with ten thumbs who shouldn't be trusted with tools capable of grinding plastic? How were we supposed to get a mag catch like that?

Vickers Tactical and Tango Down to the rescue!

Other than sights, I think it's the only nearly mandatory upgrade on a stock Gen 3 factory Glock. Other stuff is personal preference, but this is just a dramatic improvement for next to nothing, cost-wise.

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