Sunday, November 01, 2015


Ran fifty rounds of 185gr Speer Lawman through the Glock 37 at work on Friday afternoon. The witness holes on the back of the magazine are amusing. The UpLULA proved invaluable as always for getting the last couple rounds in the Glock mag.

The top ten rounds are where I let a coworker try running a magazine through the gat. The center rounds... All of those forty rounds were fired at seven yards, most of them at about a .5-second split clip. Like I wrote elsewhere:
"I came off the range feeling like an evangelist today. The pace I was shooting, with an unfamiliar gun, in the past would have had bullet holes scattered all over an 8" radius with a notable tendency to hit in the low left of that zone. By applying One Crazy Trick, I shrank my group size by two thirds. I literally did something today I couldn't have done before taking that Langdon class. I'm on Cloud Nine."
Seriously, getting off the trigger as fast as possible and letting it reset during recoil so that I can be prepping it as the sights settle back on target is the single biggest game-changer for my shooting since... I dunno, learning how to hold the gun right?

Anyhow, this makes eighty rounds fired through the gun since it was cleaned or lubed. No malfunctions. 1920 rounds to go.