Tuesday, November 24, 2015


So, I was only half-joking when I said I was going to take a part-time gig at the neighborhood gun store wiping down counter tops and sweeping floors for a few hours a week in exchange for range time and an employee discount. I figured I could spare a dozen hours or so a week at retail clerk wages, since the upside was having a place where I could, say, shoot test groups for magazine articles at 25 yards in January without having to trudge back and forth through the snow to change targets.

Well, my plan was foiled when they decided they were hiring a new retail manager. Seeing as how my long-term plans for world domination pretty much require a successful and thriving FFL with an indoor range just blocks from my house, I took the gig, with the proviso that it not impede my travel plans for my budding gun-writing career.

Unfortunately, this means I have to re-accustom myself to having a schedule, and on this schedule, Tuesday is my Saturday. Or maybe my Sunday. I can't decide which, since I split my days off up so as to have a weekend off day for fun and a weekday off day for getting stuff done. Working two on, one off, three on, one off may mean you never have two days off in a row, but it also means "Friday Night" is never more than three days away.

Anyhow, my long-term goal here is to get the floor set up so that everything can be run off a checklist handily and I can hand the keys to my successor and go back to wiping counters for a couple hours a week.