Thursday, November 05, 2015

Nearing the end...

Sorry for the poopy cell phone pic.
Although the gun's bone-dry and it's bordering on firearms abuse at this point, I ran another hundred rounds of PMC Bronze 230gr FMJ from Lucky Gunner through the CCA 1911 yesterday. You can occasionally feel the round clattering through the feedway as the slide dribbles shut. This PMC is pretty clean, all things considered; I've seen guns a lot more cacked up than this from half the round count.

That's a hundred rounds at seven yards. The last fifty were fired at 2-3 rounds/second pace. Two months ago, I would have been lucky to keep everything in the eight ring at that speed. I cannot begin to tell you what a revelation fixing my trigger pull has been, thanks to that Langdon class.

The low left one? I pinned the trigger for that shot, and yelled "DAMMIT!" as it broke. The low right one was outrunning my sights. The one at nine o'clock was on the last mag, and I don't know precisely why I dropped that one.


This brings the total rounds fired to 1,800 since the weapon was last cleaned or lubricated, with ten failures to go into battery (rounds #356, #1,085, #1,247, #1,492, #1,514, #1,578, #1,627, #1,663, #1,717, #1,774), two failures to feed on rounds #513 and #1,724, a failure to feed a round of Hornady Critical Duty +P on round #927, and a failure to eject a round of Hornady Critical Duty +P on round #930. 200 rounds to go.