Friday, November 13, 2015

One hundred left...

The Slip2000EWL applied over two months and almost 2000 rounds ago is now nothing but a memory. The snugly-fit slide that, when clean and freshly-lubed, normally feels like it's running on ball bearings now chatters and binds on a dry gun packed with crud.

I should have cleaned the gun more thoroughly and lubed it better at the start of the test, but you can't unring a bell. Hubris told my it would be fine; after all, it had come out of the box and run through a two-day 1,000-round class without any troubles. Indeed, the first 1k rounds here were mostly trouble-free... But the last 900? Oy vey, the poor gun.

So, another hundred rounds of Lucky Gunner's PMC 230gr FMJ went downrange yesterday.

This brings the total rounds fired to 1,900 since the weapon was last cleaned or lubricated, with fifteen failures to go into battery (rounds #356, #1,085, #1,247, #1,492, #1,514, #1,578, #1,627, #1,663, #1,717, #1,774, #1,815, #1,823, #1,847, #1,858, #1,883), three failures to feed on rounds #513 and #1,724, $1,851, a failure to feed a round of Hornady Critical Duty +P on round #927, and a failure to eject a round of Hornady Critical Duty +P on round #930. 200 rounds to go.