Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Fall Colors

In Indiana there is no requirement to de-gun to enter a polling place. However, my polling place is in a school and don't nobody without a badge carry in a K-12 school, so I park a block away and leave the heater locked in the car.

Yesterday in Indianapolis, the 22% of eligible voters who could be arsed to go to the polls selected the dudes who will make the rules that Naptown residents will have to decide whether it's worth risking jail to break over the next four years.

The signs out front of the polling place were no more colorful than the backdrop provided by Mother Nature.

Seventy-something degrees in early November and a wonderful day for a stroll.

BOOM! Headshot!
The squirrels have made a head canoe out of the neighbor's jack-o-lantern. Time for the inflatable snowman to go up down the street, I guess.