Sunday, November 22, 2015

Same Planet, Different Worlds...

Oho! The Odious Wilson is coming in for scrutiny amongst the chattering classes! They seem to have just discovered that Progressive pioneer Woodrow, first Democrat to be reelected to consecutive terms since that violent hick Andrew Jackson, was a loathsome racist who re-segregated federal service and viewed legal segregation as a (and I quote) "boon" to the poor inferior Blacks.

He was an avid follower of all sorts of social Darwinist nonsense, believed people were sheep who needed strong leaders, and thought he was just that leader. He was a darling of, and inspiration to,  cartoonish Italian strongman Mussolini. He wrote that the Constitution was too cumbersome because of its extensive checks and balances, making it difficult for the government to rule efficiently, as though that were a bug rather than Madison's painstakingly-developed feature.

So the Left is finally going to properly revile this old proto-Fascist who has haunted their family tree, eh? Not so fast...
We must also recognize the positive side of his legacy: the federal income tax, the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Trade Commission, the Clayton Anti-Trust Act, and the other notable achievements of his domestic policy known as the "New Freedom" that in many ways served as a precursor to Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal.
Ah. It's just the racist stuff that's bad.

Okay then.