Monday, November 23, 2015

Sight Upgrade

The sights that came on the 37, while technically night sights, were about half as bright as a dead firefly. Of course, they were nine years old.

Just used as plain irons, they didn't work so hot for me, either. The front was low and needed re-blacking...
 ...and while the rear notch allowed a modicum of daylight on either side of the front blade, it was shallow.

I went to Brownells for Ameriglo CAP sights. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I'll just send y'all to go read ToddG's review of these sights. I figured they were worth a whirl.

As easy to pick up as any front sight, and yet a usable square post for precise shooting.
The CAP rear sight.

I took it out to the range and fired a box of S&B 230gr FMJ through it. The new sights were definitely easier to acquire when shooting fast.

This makes 190 rounds fired through the gun since it was last cleaned or lubed. No malfunctions of any type to report. 1,810 rounds to go.