Friday, March 25, 2016

Halfway point reached.

Around lunch time today, I turned up at Indy Arms Co. with two hundred rounds of the Federal American Eagle 115gr FMJ provided by Lucky Gunner. I purchased a couple of targets and headed out to lane four.

Still working with the new grip. That's fifty rounds in the upper grouping and a hundred in the lower.

I had somehow never shot a Casino Drill before. I decided to play with the target off the clock for the last fifty round box.

(The Casino Drill is from Tom Givens at Rangemaster. Three magazines with seven rounds in each mag; twenty one rounds at twenty one feet. One shot on target #1, two on #2, three on #3, et cetera... reloading as necessary.)

On the 197th round of the day (#997 of the test) the pistol experienced a failure to eject. While hotter than the CCI Blazer Brass, the American Eagle is 115gr budget range fodder as well, and I figured that it would have at least some issues with running the gun. I haven't tried, but I'll bet I could limp-wrist the gun at will with the AE9DP loads.

The Canik has now fired 1000 rounds without cleaning or lubing and experienced nine failures to eject and nine failures to feed in the initial fifty, as well as one failure to fire (#221), one failure to lock the slide back (#350), and three more failures to eject (#323, #379, #997). 1,000 rounds to go.