Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Elections have consequences.

The Eagle Creek Park Pistol Range, oft referred to on these pages as "Iggle Crick", is an anomaly in big-city 21st Century America: A publicly-owned shooting range right in the middle of town. (Well, a little north and west of the middle of town, but still inside the I-465 perimeter.)

Or I should say it was an anomaly, because the new Democrat mayor of the Circle City has decided to get in a few gratuitous shots of the "vae victus" sort. I'll let my friend, pro-RKBA lawyer and radio talk show host Guy Relford explain:
As a result, it came as quite a surprise when the city informed TFT just last week that Indy Parks was terminating its contract with TFT and that the city would not allow Eagle Creek Pistol Range to open to the public for the 2016 season. (The current contract runs until March 2017.)

The city did not provide any rational basis for its decision to terminate TFT's contract and close the range to the public, other than a vague reference to concerns over “liability” (despite TFT’s perfect safety record) and a concern about a possible “mass shooting” at the range. I have to say that I actually laughed at the “mass shooting” comment, because a public pistol range - with multiple armed and trained range safety officers along with several armed members of the public – is obviously the very antithesis of a “gun free zone” likely to be targeted by an active shooter.
The number of the Mayor's Action Center Hotline is (317) 327-4622 for any residents of Indianapolis who would like to call and politely inquire as to why the city decided to shut down one of the few venues where citizens of even limited means could go to safely practice their firearms handling under supervised conditions.