Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday Part One...

Took the Canik TP9v2 and two hundred rounds to Atlanta Conservation Club on Wednesday morning. Fifty rounds of Fiocchi 124gr FMJ, which I was pretty sure would cycle the gun; fifty rounds of Winchester's 147gr FMJ "Train" ammo (W9MMT), which I was less sure of; and a hundred rounds of CCI Blazer Brass 115gr FMJ, which I still had very little confidence in.

The Fiocchi 124gr functioned the gun with authority. There was one failure-to-fire on round number twenty-one of the day (#221 of the test). The round fired normally on the second attempt.

I chronographed a 10-round string of the Fiocchi:
LO: 1114
HI: 1163
AV: 1140
ES: 49.60
SD: 14.14
This was about the same ballistics as the Winchester 124gr NATO load.

Next was the Winchester 147gr "Train" load. All fifty functioned fine. Ejection was reasonably vigorous, and recoil felt normal. Ten rounds over the chrono gave the following results:
LO: 947.9
HI: 1011
AV: 974.1
ES: 63.79
SD: 18.30

The top target was fifty rounds of Fiocchi at 41 feet and the bottom was fifty rounds of Winchester at 51 feet. The business of the rear sight was no aid to shooting at any sort of speed out past ten or so yards. Also, the dot does not appear to be exactly centered on the front sight blade, maybe? I need to mic that thing.

On to the CCI Blazer Brass... I let Mike Grasso run a magazine through the gun; watching him shoot, the ammo's difficulties cycling the slide strongly were evident. Brass mostly just dribbled over the right side of the ejection port to lie at his feet, except for the couple spent cases that bounced off his head and the one that decided to be a rebel and dribbled over the left side of the gun.

That lack of vigorous recoil impulse meant...

Round one hundred and twenty three of the day (#323 of the test) was a failure to eject and...

Round number one hundred and seventy nine of the day (#379 of the test) also failed to eject. Also, the weapon failed to lock the slide open on round number one hundred and fifty of the day (#350 of the test).

The Canik has now fired 400 rounds without cleaning or lubing and experienced nine failures to eject and nine failures to feed in the initial fifty, as well as one failure to fire (#221), one failure to lock the slide back (#350), and two more failures to eject (#323, #379). 1,600 rounds to go.