Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Doing Better

Back to Indy Arms Co. on Tuesday morning with the Canik TP9v2 and another hundred rounds of ammunition. This time I brought fifty rounds of Winchester 124gr FMJ "NATO" Q4318 that I had lying around, as well as a box of fifty Sig Sauer Elite Performance 115gr FMJ, courtesy of Sig Sauer. While not as spicy as the Federal 9BPLE, I wondered if these would have the Wheaties to function the gun properly.

I started with the Winchester and then moved to the Sig Sauer loads...

The gun functioned fine for all one hundred rounds with no stoppages of any kind to report.

The Canik has now fired 200 rounds without cleaning or lubing and has experienced nine failures to eject and nine failures to feed. 1,800 rounds to go.