Saturday, March 12, 2016

Range Day.

Went to MCF&G yesterday morning with Mike Grasso to do some shooting, both of the gun and camera kind, for an article he'd penned.

T-shirt on USPSA target obscures your actual target, which is the edge-on 2x4 behind it.

"Hey, you can't see the bullet holes!"

Only hits on the 2x4 count.

If you have someplace where you can just stick the 2x4 in the ground, target setup is much easier. We used a portable target stand from Brown Dog Tactical, but if you're on an indoor range, you could just trace the outline of the 2x4 down the center of the backside of any suitably opaque target.

Later that afternoon, I ran over to Indy Arms Co. and popped off another box of fifty American Eagle 185gr FMJ through the Glock 37. I was working on some strong-hand-only and weak-hand-only stuff, mostly.

Ugh. More work is obviously needed.

The gun ran fine all day, with no malfunctions of any type to report.

The Glock 37 has now fired 1510 rounds since it was last cleaned or lubed, with one parts breakage. 490 rounds to go.