Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Monday morning...

...it was back to Indy Arms Co. with the Canik TP9v2 and another two hundred rounds of Lucky Gunner's Federal American Eagle 115gr FMJ.

The UpLULA is only needed to get the eighteenth round in the magazine now, and not all the time, at that.

Started with fifty rounds in the top left. I'm still working on the new grip, and it seems a little more fatiguing. Moving counter-clockwise, you can see things deteriorate as my support hand got more tired. I decided to leave on a positive note and ran the target back in to five yards and hammered the bejeezus out of the dot while flirting with the range's speed limit. The rear sight is awful busy.

There were no malfunctions of any type to report.

The Canik has now fired 1200 rounds without cleaning or lubing and experienced nine failures to eject and nine failures to feed in the initial fifty, as well as one failure to fire (#221), one failure to lock the slide back (#350), and three more failures to eject (#323, #379, #997). 800 rounds to go.