Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday Part Two...

After lunch, I ran the Canik TP9v2 over to Indy Arms company for a quick function check. I had fifty rounds of American Eagle 115gr FMJ courtesy of Lucky Gunner, and bought a box of fifty rounds of Fiocchi 115gr FMJ from the store. I wanted to see if either of these commonly available loads would run the Canik reliably, unlike Blazer Brass...

I tried the Fiocchi first. It seemed pretty warm, ejecting vigorously and cycling the gun fine. Next was the American Eagle. While not as hot as the Fiochhi, it ejected more strongly than the Blazer Brass; again the gun ran fine.
Seven yards, mostly at about a 1rd/sec pace.
So, no malfunctions to report with these hundred rounds.

The Canik has now fired 500 rounds without cleaning or lubing and experienced nine failures to eject and nine failures to feed in the initial fifty, as well as one failure to fire (#221), one failure to lock the slide back (#350), and two more failures to eject (#323, #379). 1,500 rounds to go.